2 Jan 2008

How did we miss an afk and auto-piloting brutix?

Yes, somehow we missed an afk, auto-piloting brutix battlecruiser. It was spotted in gusandall sedately moving towards eifer.

We had WayCharles (cerberus), Snake Boy (rifter), Grunanca (Sleipnir?) and me. By the time I undocked, the brutix was already in Eifer and no doubt heading towards Emolgranlan. I had to move and arrived in eifer just as the brutix had warped out towards the Emol gate; still under autopilot. WayCharles was too far to engage it with his warp disruptor and prevent it from warping out. The gate guns were firing away at Grun and WayCharles but now we had to get ahead of the brutix and somehow slow it down before the auto-pilot could jump out into high-sec space. Warp disruptors would be useless, we needed webbers and only Snake Boy had one. He was in a rifter and would not stand long against the sentry guns.

I arrived at the gate a second after the WayCharles who had engaged the brutix, eight seconds later I and Grunanca locked and opened fire. The brutix went down to armour and then into hull though it still trundled towards the gate. Snake was poised ready to web it. As soon as we opened fire we got flagged again to the guns and we needed to split the fire long enough so that Snake would only get a fraction of the gunfire.

"Web it now! Web it now!"


The brutix then jumped into Emol - in hull now and on fire. I wonder if the pilot was aware of his close brush with death?

We were too slow.

However, much fun anyways! Next time.