4 Jun 2007

I coulda beat you :)

Could one be lucky again and assume a past victim simply doesn't learn from his mistakes and come back? Maybe....

I decided that I had an hour to kill so decided to zip back towards the location of my last epic 3 v 1. On the way, I tracked down and killed a thrasher and another rifter. The thrasher was loaded down with over 5K of emp ammo. That's nice, my ammo stocks was running low so this was a welcome bonus.

Checking my address book, I found out that OriasV was online so my luck may be in.

The gate control allowed me through and lo, the Gods of plunder and yaar was with me.

OriasV's avatar was in local. My heart beat faster as I anticipated another kill, but chances are he would safe spot or leave. Still, one must not give up. Deep down, I prayed that he would stay. Please say.

My scanning skills were pretty good but I had trouble pinning OriasV down - as it appeared he was jumping around the belts. After five minutes, I gave up and parked myself at a planet. At least he didn't leave. Let him come to me. I was tempted to initiate communications but decided against it. Surely he must know I was there.

I idly hit the scanner a few times and nothing. He was on the otherside of the system and I couldn't be bothered to chase him. Not right now. Each time I jumped towards him, OriasV jumped to a safe spot on the other side. At least I knew he was in a rupture-class cruiser - quite a tough ship to bring down in a lonely rifter but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Checking the scanner once more: I suddenly noticed that the rupture was within scan range.

I waited for another minute and checked again, he had not moved. Licking my lips in anticipation (as much as one can do when submerged in some gelatinous goo) - I re-checked his position and confirmed his position as being in belt 3.

'All hands. Battlestations. We have a juicy bit of fruit to pick. Ready all weapons and systems.'

My crew all gave a collective 'Yarr!' and the ship powered up.

The ship leapt into warp - as eager for the kill as I was. The GUI updated itself with the familiar lag as it loaded up the extra information and in a burst of light - the beautiful, solid square bracket appeared on the overview.

'Contact! Contact! Contact twelve kilometers port side.'

I had a +2 scrambler on this time so needed to get close to the target - which I did. OriasV locked me back as I opened up on him. My emp and barrage shells spat out just as the rupture's missile launcher started up.

There was no Nosferatu or a webber or drones from the rupture. Strange - could I be fighting another gimped ship? I maintained orbit around OriasV's rupture as his heavy missiles slammed into me. My nosferatu kept my capacitor topped up and I kept an eye on local to make sure that OriasV didn't call in more reinforcements.

I broke his shields and was finally into OriasV's armour when he spat out five drones.


Don't know why he kept the drones until now, however I was down to armour now and the drones tore into me. Not good. I quickly switched my overview so that I can lock the drones. Switching my guns over to the first of five light drones, my auto cannons started to blast the robotic monstrosities, all the time my armour was being melted off.

At about 30% armour, my capacitor ran out. Even with the nosferatu running - it wasn't enough. My webber and small armour repairer switched off. So did the afterburner.


The rupture was repping his armour and even his shields had crept back up.

The shot of adrenaline into my system sharpened my focus however and the second of the five drone disappeared in a cloud of shrapnel. Three left, I glanced at the overview.


Four drone left. OrisaV must have released his last drone.

My armour dropped some more as the third drone blew. I targeted the fourth drone as my capacitor crept back up enough for me to run the small armour repairer for a cycle. My armour sprang back up to 40%. The fourth drone died as my armour slid back down to 25%. All the time, OriasV's missiles were hurting me too.

My capacitor charged a little back up and I ran the repairer a bit more. The fifth drone blew up but OriasV's armour was back to almost full strength. The sixth drone went but my armour dropped to 15%. OriasV had no more drones left and I started to tank his damage but only just.

I decided to switch ammunition to emp as I needed to knock his shields back down. This I did and switching over to barrage and fusion meant that his armour was also shredded - he must have ran out of capacitor for his repairer.

A wonderful explosion later and I had the pod - I wanted to ransom the chap.

OriasV > i coulda beat you :)
flashfresh > ?
OriasV > you could just challenge ppl btw
OriasV > instead of pirating
OriasV > its lame that way
OriasV > and i could have beat you
flashfresh > you could have beat me?
OriasV > its my salvaging ship :)
flashfresh > Maybe
flashfresh > 1 milion to let you go
OriasV > if it was actually fitted fo pvp you'd not stand a change
OriasV > lol
OriasV > kiss my ass flash newb
flashfresh > ?
flashfresh > no need to smack
OriasV > plenty ;)
OriasV > you asked, i answers
OriasV > 1mil? kiss my ass
OriasV > :)
flashfresh > Look, I *AM* a pirate. What am I meant to do? Sell ice cream?
OriasV > yeah
OriasV > vanilla
flashfresh > besides, you are in a cruiser - this is a t1 frigate
flashfresh > you had drones - five of them
OriasV > no its not
OriasV > i have salvagers too
flashfresh > not what?
OriasV > lol
flashfresh > so?
OriasV > you use tech II stuff
flashfresh > you had missiles and drones. plenty
OriasV > so its a salvaging ship?
flashfresh > i am using T2 guns yes
OriasV > so its fitted t2
OriasV > liar much?
OriasV > :)
flashfresh > t2 weapons yes
OriasV > shoot me and be quiet
flashfresh > nah.
flashfresh > i like chatting to you
OriasV > blocked you
OriasV > talking is pointless
OriasV > newblet

And the kill mail:

2007.06.04 15:42

Victim: OriasV
Alliance: NONE
Corp: The Yin-Yang Concept
Destroyed: Capsule
System: Auren
Security: 0.4

Involved parties:

Name: flashfresh (laid the final blow)
Security: -10.0
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Independent Pilots
Ship: Rifter
Weapon: 200mm AutoCannon II