1 Jan 2007

Killed the father, now the son.

Was I sleepy? Hell no. Adrenanline was coursing through me and making my blood sing. I wanted more.

I switched to the rupture for a change and went to Eifer. I saw jpaqir - the son of Paqman from a few days ago. Son or no. He was going to die. I had Faith No More playing and beer in my hand. Die. Die. Die.

2007.01.01 02:38
Victim: jpaqjr
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Republic Military School
Destroyed: Thrasher
System: Eifer
Security: 0.4
Involved parties:
Name: flashfresh (laid the final blow)
Security: -9.2
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Independent Pilots
Ship: Rupture
Weapon: 425mm AutoCannon I
Name: Angel Depredator / Archangels

Destroyed items:
1MN Afterburner I
250mm Light Artillery Cannon I
Small Shield Booster I
Anode Light Electron Particle Cannon I
250mm Light Artillery Cannon I
200mm AutoCannon I
Remote Sensor Dampener I (Cargo)
Plutonium Charge S, Qty: 132
EMP S, Qty: 10
EMP S, Qty: 26
EMP S, Qty: 38

2007.01.01 02:40
Victim: jpaqjr
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Republic Military School
Destroyed: Capsule
System: Eifer
Security: 0.4
Involved parties:
Name: flashfresh (laid the final blow)
Security: -9.3
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Independent Pilots
Ship: Rupture
Weapon: Hornet I

Conversation was quite interesting:
flashfresh > Hi
jpaqjr > hello
flashfresh > Sorry about that.
flashfresh > I saw you on the scanner and said - why not?
jpaqjr > its awight man
flashfresh > Your mate warped off. x2 of you could have made things sticky for me
flashfresh > You guys flew rifters before right?
jpaqjr > why does everyone say sorry after killing me
flashfresh > er, dunno.
flashfresh > no hard feelings and all that.
flashfresh > I did ambush you.
jpaqjr > ya we did
jpaqjr > did you kill us then
flashfresh > I killed you.
flashfresh > and podded you.
flashfresh > check your scanners mate
jpaqjr > do u know how to use drones
flashfresh > yes
jpaqjr > how
flashfresh > drones are my best friends
flashfresh > you need the drones skill
jpaqjr > yea i got that
flashfresh > and you need a ship with a drone bay.
flashfresh > Rifters and thrasher dont have them
jpaqjr > o ok thanks
flashfresh > check your ship info
flashfresh > you enjoying eve?
jpaqjr > so far
flashfresh > I notice you and your mate fight together a lot....and didn't you two actually fight *EACH OTHER*
jpaqjr > its so addictive
flashfresh > yah - but take your time. You're learning Pvp (sort of) but you're on the wrong end of it
flashfresh > at least for the moment.
jpaqjr > no its my father
flashfresh > Really?
jpaqjr > yea
jpaqjr > my uncle plays 2
flashfresh > Ok - well you two should get back into rifters - and I can advise you on how to fit them so they can cause pain
flashfresh > Hello Paq
paqman > hello
paqman > you killed my son
flashfresh > Yeah - just realised that. I do feel bad.
flashfresh > Sorry.
paqman > no its all good
flashfresh > I saw the targets on my scanner and went for them
paqman > we are new
paqman > we get killed all the time
flashfresh > Yes - i want to help you fight back.
flashfresh > Against bullies like me.
paqman > how long have you played
flashfresh > you're in low-sec so it means there is a fair bit of PVP here (within flagging rules)
flashfresh > me? two years plus
paqman > wow i think this is my third day
paqman > although the days are blending into eachother
flashfresh > to be honest, i get the same thrill when i log in now as I did when I was on first day.
flashfresh > been waiting for eve eversince I stopped playing Elite.
paqman > ya a buddy of mine told me about it
paqman > so then i got my son into it
flashfresh > chaps - if you want to rat; stick to the empire. I know its boring but losing ships if costing you.
paqman > and my brother
flashfresh > if - is
paqman > whats rat
flashfresh > you *can* hunt rats in low-sec; its very very profitable but you have pirates roaming. Who rat and pirate.
paqman > picking up the junk
flashfresh > rat = angels, the red crosses you've been hunting
flashfresh > pirates = humans
paqman > oh ok
flashfresh > rat are the NPC 'enemies' you find in the belts
paqman > ya we get smoked by the other people so far
flashfresh > they can get very big in 0.0
flashfresh > yah - pirates will smoke you because we're not predicatable like the rats
flashfresh > you guys done the tutorial?
paqman > and that frigin warp jamber
paqman > ya about 2/3 of it
paqman > then just started going
flashfresh > yeah - that's the pirates best weapon
paqman > my buddy gave us a couple mil in isk
flashfresh > jpaqjr -> check your account. gave u some money
flashfresh > best ship is the rifter. working in pairs is v v effective against rats *and* pirates
flashfresh > so long as they are setup right; you can't go wrong.
jpaqjr > thanks a lot
paqman > ya but the hit points semm low
flashfresh > I want you guys to enjoy yourselves. I am not a griefer but I hunt other players.
flashfresh > ahh - frigates always have low hit points BUT they are hard to hit
paqman > hey man we love it so far
paqman > and thanks for the help
flashfresh > you are not meant to go toe-to-toe with other ships.
paqman > what about the power and cpu limit
flashfresh > you use your speed to avoid enemy fire and even if they hit; it does less if you're going fast.
flashfresh > PG and CPU? a bit limited but with the right skills you should be ok.
paqman > so get afterburners
flashfresh > Yes.
flashfresh > Can I recommend something to you? There's a player I know who can help you.
paqman > sure anything that will help
flashfresh > votrian alpha -> drop him an evemail. This guy runs a corp. A good one and he taught me almost all I know.
flashfresh > He can help you. He runs tutorials for free.
paqman > great
paqman > i will
flashfresh > When your free trail sub is up - think about applying to join his guys.
paqman > there is some stuff onlinebut it seems limited
flashfresh > Good bunch and you can stick with the until you want to leave. there is no obligation
flashfresh > they're a collective. v little corp rules.
paqman > thanks again
flashfresh > but they play well and know what they are doing.
paqman > we will see you around
flashfresh > anytime. like I said, drop him an evemail.
flashfresh > tell him i sent you.
paqman > maybe next time we will be a chalenge
paqman > we will
flashfresh > if I see you two in local, i *WILL* come for you.
jpaqjr > thanks again 4 the monney
flashfresh > Anytime.