17 Jan 2007

A helping hand

So I was crusing around and located Crovelian. Seen him a few time and discovered he was in a vexor. Normally, I would avoid drone boats but he was almost fresh out of Pod School so I chanced it.

Found him in a belt with five Hammerhead drones around him: not good - medium drones eat frigates but I thought: 'what the hell'.

I hit the afterburner and before scramble range - Crovelian panicked and warped out leaving his drones. I scooped them up and reprogrammed them so that I could use them. Ahhh - what better irony eh?

Crovelian then jumped me in Hrondedir after realising that in a vexor he could take me. Well I obliged and opened up on and got him down to armour in two volleys before his drones could lock onto me. However, when they did - I was in danger of hull breach within 15 seconds. I should have picked off his drones but decided to warp out as I wanted another pilot I had spotted.

Later in the evening, WayCharles conv'ed me. It appeared he wanted to test out his rifter setup and asked me for a test 1v1. Am always wary of these offers but he seemed quite genuine.

So we met up at Bundindus and I ripped him a new one. I stopped before 50% armour and we chatted for a while on setups. Nice chap and I gave him my word that he is offlimits for 7 days from me.

Aren't I generous?