7 Jan 2007

A 6million bounty on me!

After killing Ransom Alpha - we chatted and he ended it with placing another 5million isk to my bounty.

Ransom Alpha > lol
flashfresh > he's sitting tight.
flashfresh > I was hunting him before you arrived. Couldnt find him so I went elsewhere
Ransom Alpha > anyways be back later coz i got to go fora smoke and fix repos website and forums and get teh TS server up......
Ransom Alpha > later mate have a good one
Ransom Alpha > ohh
Ransom Alpha > one sec
Ransom Alpha > i maybe able to place a bounty on u :P
flashfresh > You too. Good fight. You fought honourably and I enjoyed our chat.
flashfresh > Please do.
Ransom Alpha > if the damn thing would work.....
flashfresh > Long Live EVE-Online.
flashfresh > afk
Ransom Alpha > now have alook at ur bounty:P
Ransom Alpha > have a good one mate later